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 "South Africa's greatest asset is its diversity, and Cape Town, its oldest city, is testament to that. Home to peoples from all over Africa, Asia, and Europe; to street performers and great orchestras; to Christians of all kinds, Moslems, Jews, traditional African healers, and new spiritual seekers; to exquisite textile crafters and artisan vintners; to a higher concentration of different flowering plants than just about anywhere else on the planet; and to landscapes breathtaking in their range and beauty. To get a real sense of this would take more than a brief visit, but to make the most of even a brief visit, make use of a tour company that really can take you to some of the startling diversity of the Cape - take an OffBeat Tour!"

We like to design tours that can change according to your interests and needs, cultural events that might be going on, time of year, etc. We also have standard and special tours we run with a particular focus, but usually taking in the Cape's many highlights that you will naturally want to see during your visit: take a look at our Standard and Special Tours page to find out more.

If you're interested in a "customised tour" our Standard and Special Tours page could still be a good place to get ideas. Or conjure up if you can the picture of -

a walk or cycle around the city centre (or the southern suburbs/ False Bay coast), taking in some of the haunts of the city's more extraordinary historical or current characters, as well as its hidden nooks and unexpected cultural crannies, its new "green" buildings and cafes, its sustainability issues etc... before taking in a new art exhibition or theatre peformance (perhaps organised specially for the group)

a trip along the Peninsula coast, including wildlife and wild flowers, historical caves, magnificent beaches and insights into the developmental challenges, perhaps with attendance at a new/old mind-body-spirit events (from dance to sangoma rituals to yoga classes on the beach!)

a tour of the famous and gorgeous Cape Winelands, stopping at farms - be they vineyards or producers of other products - who are doing the most to develop natural organic principles, as well as treating their workers best, and including many of the most relaxing homesteads or even a concert recital...

an opportunity to explore the positive projects taking place on the Cape Flats to develop environmental and social consciousness, alongside "upliftment" and to engage with the people themselves, and see how you might be able to contribute (even if just to witness and support a clowning workshop!)

To have a more detailed look at times and prices, check out our Rates page!

Tours  can be designed according to your budget. We specialise in tours for the more independently-minded "conscious" traveller, in smaller groups, including specialist interest groups e.g. for conferences or visiting creative professionals/ academics, but also families and friendship groups looking for a better way to engage with the marvels of our country - without adding to its challenges. Means of transport, food stops etc. all add to the cost.

Most of our tours are half-day/ day tours, but it is also possible to organise longer trips out of Cape Town, including the Garden Route or the drier areas to the north of the Western Cape province.