Standard and Special Tours

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Half-day and Day Tours

Longer tours possible on demand: Overberg/Breede River, north/inland to Karoo/Cedarberg, or Garden Route 

 City Tours

South Africa's oldest city has a fascinating, at times gruesome, at times inspiring history, and despite much unconscious bulldozing by various politicians over the years, there are still many beautiful areas to discover - and others in need of rediscovery. This tour can take you to a range of places, some well-known, some more secret, from the imposing Castle to the still more imposing Lion's Head, via churches, mosques and museums, art galleries, ancient hidden water courses, centres of the struggle against apartheid, and quirky coffee shops. It always includes fascinating information about Cape Town's "green" dilemmas and hidden history but can also be adjusted according to your specific interests.

The tour can be done in the morning or afternoon, or over the whole day. A short hike can be included on demand, or a restaurant or evening performance show. Because of its wonderful mountain setting, the centre is compact enough for you to consider doing this tour on foot (for a reduced fee), or by bicycle (definitely a preferred green option!)

The Creative Cape Townships

The townships of the Cape Flats are where most of Cape Town's residents live. Life here is far removed from the natural beauty experienced closer to the mountain and the beaches, and can superficially appear quite depressing, full of the social problems of poor urban areas worldwide. But there are people doing amazing things in the townships, creating wonderful permaculture gardens to inspire green entrepreneurs, installing alternative energy systems in new housing projects, performing creative theatre that respects communities and encourages dialogue, or staying true to the honourable cultural traditions of their rural past, but making new sense of them in an urban context. To get a real taste of positive work being done in the Cape townships - and even contribute yourself in some way as part of the experience - take a half-day or full-day township tour.

The Overberg Route 

We are blessed to be visited by large numbers of whales along our southern coasts, and the route east of the city to Hermanus is often known as the "Whale Route" especially during the season from July to October. Much of the region, though, also forms pristine nature reserves; there are organic farmers and green communities out here too, a completely different and more peaceful mentality than much of the frenetic metropole, and, of course, breathtaking mountains and marvellous beaches. This tour can last for a day according to our normal rates - or can include an evening out and a second return day.

Hiking and Climbing 

We can offer a range of hiking and rock climbing excursions to explore the Cape mountains, from third-day circuits to full day routes, in the hands of experienced and qualified mountain guides. NB prices for these tours are different to our regular tours - enquire about what's on offer.

 Poetry and Performance Tours

We also offer a unique literary and performance poetry tour (in English only), where some of the guiding is done in poetry and other writers/speakers/poets are involved in the tour. Cape Town has inspired many poets with its natural beauty, and has also seen a tremendous increase in the numbers of poetic and storytelling performances in recent years, and this is a unique opportunity to get to see the city from a perspective that no other tour company will offer you! These tours can cover similar geographical areas to the above e.g. City Central, Cape Peninsula, or even the Winelands.

The Cape Peninsula 

The southern part of "Greater Cape Town" is our home turf. If you could vaguely picture Cape Town's north, central and Atlantic side as our LA - fancy West-facing villas, lots of cash, lots of shopping malls and cars, and lots of film crews... then the part where the Peninsula proper starts is much more laid-back and often more "conscious" - imagine, if you will, San Francisco to LA. Of course, trite references to American cities don't even begin to conjure up what we have here. Baboons and penguins, pristine and remarkably empty mountain fynbos, a host of organic and artisan eateries, wonderful family beaches, the train !, innovative recycled artists and sculptors, truly green buildings, a wealth of birdlife... and we haven't even mentioned the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve, which can also be on your itinerary if you're after that photo at the south-western tip of Africa. There's marvellous botanical treasures, innovative theatres, and more than enough to fascinate you for a full day even without Cape Point, though if you can only set aside a half-day we can still offer you some special tastes of the area, and that can be offered by bike too.

Innovations in the Winelands

The Cape Winelands are a historic region in many ways, where luxury and decadence have long gone hand in hand with poverty and the cynical oppression of the "dop" system among other institutions. Today, much is changing, and you can experience a wonderful day out of food and/or wine-tasting without turning off your conscience. We visit high-quality organic and biodynamic farms, and can include a range of other cultural experiences including historical towns, new eco-villages, farmers' markets and cultural shows. A comfortable day tour out of Cape Town, and as with our other tours, it can be extended to include an evening show!

Cultural Diversity Tour 

For years South Africa has prided itself on its sport and neglected its artists. Yet the artists, musicians, actors, and performers who inhabit the Cape make an extraordinary creative mix which is gradually being recognised by the powers and companies that be. Let us show you finely skilled artworks and beautiful recycled sculptures; highly gifted jazz musicians, pop bands, or opera singers; powerfully grounded dancers and martial artists; wacky comedians and brilliant actors; street theatre groups or local film shoots; museums representing the colours of the past and new community festivals showing off the future; and of course, food from everywhere in the world and from nowhere but here. A special Cape Town tour tailored around your interests in the arts and what's happening and hip right now in town!

West Coast Biosphere

The West Coast of South Africa actually extends north of Cape Town, and while it is particularly well-known for its displays of indigenous flowers in the spring, it holds hidden treasures at all times of year. Our tour can include biodynamic farms, wind farms, the delights of the West Coast National Park, fossil finds including the world's oldest footprints, sustainable seafood restaurants, and much more that can delight and inform you, particularly about the ancient history of this region. At times - and highly recommended when available - evenings out are possible at the private theatre of South Africa's top satirist, Pieter-Dirk Uys.

African Spirit Experience 

It has been said that there are more alternative healers per square metre in Cape Town than in any other major city on earth! We're not sure who did the maths on that one, but it's certainly true that there's a host of possibilities here for those seeking spiritual rejuvenation and new insights. Our special tour runs from sunrise to sunset (or beyond), beginning with yoga/tai chi/free dance etc. at a beautiful outdoor location (weather-permitting), visiting numerous peaceful centres of ritual/prayer ancient and modern, experiencing at least one alternative therapy, lots of healthy food and sacred natural sites. Prices/times vary according to client wishes and availability of facilitators/therapies etc.

 The Big Green Tour

OK, so maybe you've done all the touristy things, or you're really into green stuff. How about a day or a half-day doing just that - permaculture gardening, eco-house building, solar geyser installing and other wonderful ways of getting back in touch with Big Mama Earth, with lots of useful info along the way. We built the house, now let us share with you how a new green culture is emerging! Prices as for normal tours plus occasional extra expenses for activities chosen.