Who We Are

Simric Yarrow was born in the UK, but, following in the footsteps of other relatives, he moved to South Africa in 1996, two years after the first democratic elections, and also two years after he had graduated (from Balliol College, Oxford University, in the UK). He arrived as a "tourist" - but working for an environmental NGO, giving him a rapid insight into the region's political and environmental problems - and its remarkable natural and cultural joys.

This "outsider" perspective has become much more of an "insider" perspective too over the years, for having fallen in love with the country, he decided to stay, and luckily found a highly insightful South African wife Carey to help him ever broaden his understanding of this fascinating country!

 "Cape Town is one of the world's natural and cultural treasures - as the diversity of people who've moved here continue to show. I look forward to showing you some of the reasons I came as a tourist - and never left!"

Simric trained as a teacher of history and literature - and the combination of facts and stories is what makes him such a celebrated story-teller (indeed, as a teacher in the "Waldorf" school system, he had to tell stories to his class - without notes - every day for many years!) It is undoubtedly this skill that helped him top-score in his tourist guide training, earning 98% for his practical exam. (He also scored 95% on the separate "wine exam", for those thinking of a little guided Wine Route meander!)

With a background as a musician (particularly knowing all the "jazz" characters in the unique Cape scene), an actor (including work with fascinating Cape public theatre groups), and being married to a knowledgeable dancer and artist, those wanting some inside cultural information can also expect more than the "stereotypical" offerings you might get elsewhere. Simric is also these days renowned as a performance poet with a sharp insight: check out his other business site, Simric Yarrow: Speaker, Facilitator, Performer, Poet! for more details!

Simric is ably assisted in administration by his South African born and bred wife, Carey. He can also call on a range of freelance guides - including adventure guides - who share the sustainable vision of Off Beat Tours.